Recipe for Marshmallow / Brazilian Maria Mole with Will Skarpona

On this video I want to introduce you to my friend and very talent young artist Will Skarpona Please don't forget to check hes work on Instagram or Facebook @willbakes_ or @will_skarpona and show your support. He also have a youtube channel that is getting a new look at the moment but will be back very soon. with all the old and new videos.

Will's recipe for Marshmallow Ingredients " 2 x ½ cup warm water " 3 tablespoons of Gelatine " 2 cups caster sugar " ½ cup glucose syrup " 2 tablespoons vanilla and a pinch of salt Method 1. Grease a brownie pan. Set aside. 2. In a mixing bowl combine the gelatine with ½ cup water and set aside. 3. In a small saucepan, combine the water, sugar, glucose and salt and stir to combine. 4. Turn on the heat and boil the mixture. Once bubbles form Do NOT stir. Wait until the mixture comes to a rolling boil (rapid, large bubbles) then cook for 1 minute. 5. Whilst mixture is cooking turn mixer onto low and mix the gelatine mixer to break up clumps. 6. Slowly drizzle the hot syrup into the mixing bowl. Turn mixer to high speed and mix for 8-10 minutes. 7. Once mixture is ready, pour it straight into the pan and spread it out with a spatula. Cover with cling wrap and let the mixture set for at least 6 hours. 8. Once the mixture is set combine the icing sugar and cornflour. Sift some onto a surface and place marshmallow on top. 9. Then, with a greased knife cut the marshmallows into pieces and coat them in the mixture. (Store in an air-tight container).


Verusca's Maria Mole Recipe 250 ml of warm water 25 g of gelatine 500 g of caster sugar Mix gelatine with warm water until all dissolved, add sugar and beat until nice and fluffy. You can add a package of supermarket getaine for colour and flavor or just gel colour and a tbsp of vanilla essence.

Silicone moulds from Bake Boss Australia